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A bursa is a fluid filled sac that the body strategically places in areas to reduce the friction between muscle and bone. "Bursitis" is the inflammation of one of these fluid filled sacs. It is important to identify the cause of a bursitis to insure it's not the result of an infection or systemic disease. In most cases, bursitis simply develops from improper joint mechanics leading to excessive rubbing and friction of the soft tissue structures. Treatment involves correcting the improper mechanics and reducing the inflammation. Here is a short list of names and sites of commonly inflamed bursa's: Deltoid bursitis (bursitis of the shoulder), Olecranon bursitis (bursitis of the elbow), Ischial bursitis (bursitis of the buttock), Trochanteric bursitis (bursitis of the hip), and Achilles bursitis (bursitis of the ankle).

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