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Is Your Spine Healthy?

Take our quiz and find out if your spine is healthy as it can be.

1) Do the heels on your shoes wear out unevenly?
This can be due to uneven leg lengths or stress throughout the spine.

2) Are you unable to turn your head or hips to either side easily and equally?
Reduced range of motion indicates joint misalignment.

3) Do you need to "crack" your neck, back, or other joints a lot?
This need to "crack" may be caused by areas of your spine that are misaligned and unstable.

4) Does your foot flare out when you are walking?
Foot flare may be a sign of problems in your lower spine, hips, ankles, or upper neck.

5) Are you often fatigued?
An unbalanced spine will unbalance your nervous system causing your energy to decrease.

6) Do you have headaches, backaches, sore muscles or achy joints?
These are signs of spinal misalignments.

7) Do you have a low resistance to disease?
Spinal misalignments affect your neuroendocrine system, which plays an important role in your resistance to disease and ability to fight infection.

8) Look in a mirror: do your ears and shoulder line up straight with each other?
If they do not, that is a sign that your spine, hips or head could be off center.

9) Stand on two bathroom scales. The weight should be around the same on each foot. Is the weight distribution about the same?
If it is not it could be causing abnormal wear on your spine, which in time will age your spine faster.

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, we believe we can help you fix these physical stresses and get you feeling better.

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