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My first impression of your office was excellent. When I called to make my first appointment, "Dee" the office manager, was so very nice on the phone. All of the people that work at North Decatur Health Care are always so nice and friendly, each time I visit; it has been wonderful to get to know the entire staff. Dr. Harrison has been my doctor and he has made me feel so much better. I have been so pleased with his care. Once I saw Dr. Gibbs and she also did a great job. I have enjoyed each of my visits, and look forward to my appointment. Thank you so much for making me feel better!
-Jo S.

I have been having lower back pain for quite a while now. I thought it would go away if I had enough amount of sleep or took pain relievers. Well, it didn't and before I knew it I had to get professional help. The doctors at North Decatur Health Care have helped me tremendously. My lower backs are just about gone. My daily routines and workouts have actually improved since I started treatment. I had never been treated by a chiropractor before due to my procrastination, and now I know what I was missing.
-Thien N.

When I came to see the Doctors at North Decatur Health Care, I needed help with almost every part of my body. They treated me from head to toe literally, and have worked miracles, especially with my shoulders. Due to different treatments and methods they used, my shoulders are more stable, and I can do everyday activities and pilates with virtually no pain. I have had a considerable amount of joint pain due to chemo drugs, and again, through methods no one has treated me with before, the joint pain has decreased considerably. Thanks to Dr. Harrison and Dr. Gibbs care and willingness to try different methods, rather than to keep doing the same things over and over, I am able to function and enjoy my life more than I have in many years.
-Beth R.

Dr. Harrison's knowledge, thoroughness in the evaluation, and interest in truly helping me stood out, far and away, from any other chiropractor I have seen in the past. If Atlanta had a competition for best chiropractor, he would definitely get my vote!
-Sherri B.

I came to Dr. Gibbs with not only back pain, but headaches as well. I was very fearful of getting adjusted, especially my neck, but Dr. Gibbs was very patient with me and talked me through the treatment. She mad my headache on a scale of 0-10 go from a 6 down to a 1 in a matter of minutes through her treatment. Dr. Gibbs is truly a one of a kind doctor and I would recommend anyone to go to her if they want to live a pain free life.
-Joseph R.

Dr. Gibbs and Dr. Harrison have been treating me for Back pains and Fibromyalgia since their arrival at North Decatur Health Care. As near as I can pinpoint, I have had this disease for approximately 6 or so years, it's onset was a result of a series of life traumas over a 3-year period. I can personally tell you that Dr. Gibbs' and Dr. Harrison's recommendations for movement (low impact exercising such as yoga, walking, swimming, etc.) plenty of water, vitamins, healthy diet, plenty of rest, combined with a regimen of chiropractic care and massage will greatly reduce the incidences of "episodes" (extreme pain and decreased mobility). I think we can all agree that the doctors at NDHC are very talented at what they do and that we should all make New Year's resolutions to follow the doctors' orders more frequently. The treatment that I have received in their office has been nothing short of amazing after just a few months!
-Julie S.

I was suffering from a tennis elbow condition that was not improving even after 5 months. I had to stop activities like weight lifting, tennis, racquet ball, even simply lifting grocery bags. I finally decided to see Dr. Harrison; he thoroughly examined my elbow then clearly explained the condition. After about a month of treatment, I am back to playing racquet ball and lifting light weights again. I am glad that I followed Dr. Harrison's recommendations and recovery plan.
-Mike M.

Dr. Gibbs worked wonders on my lower back! I had been having a sharp, shooting pain in my lower back on and off for years. After a few treatments with Dr. Gibbs, the pain was gone and has not been back. I will continue to recommend Dr. Gibbs to my family and friends.
-Melissa C.

The chiropractors at North Decatur Health Care are very different from the other chiropractors I have been treated by in the past. Their treatment was not the typical "adjustment" and "see you next week" type of treatment. The doctors took their time in determining the exact reason for my lower back pain. Along with treatment, I was given exercises to perform daily to help stretch and strengthen that area, the goal being to maintain it on my own. How many chiropractors have that goal? My highest recommendations go out to Dr. Harrison and Dr. Gibbs; they truly care about their patients.
- Lisa H.

I have been seeing Dr. Gibbs and Dr. Harrison for a few weeks now. The doctors and the staff make me feel like part of a family. I actually look forward to coming in for treatment. North Decatur Health Care is a dieing breed, most doctors do not take the time and really listen to their patients, at NDHC they take their time and listen and they show that they really care. The doctors have helped me so much and the massages have helped tremendously. I have severe chronic lower back pains with disc problems and they have lifted a burden off of me, by reducing my pain. I have several doctors for my condition, I see a Neurologist, Orthopedic, Pain doctor, and I have seen several chiropractors over the last 15 years; I wish I would have found Dr. Harrison and Dr. Gibbs a lot sooner. I have made a lot of progress since I started care here. I recommend you to everyone that I know who is in pain. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help!
-Greg H.

I came in to see Dr. Harrison for low back pain. At the time I came in I was leaning to the left side pretty bad. Dr. Harrison took x-rays and did an evaluation. After a few visits I was able to stand and walk straight again. Now I visit regularly for preventative maintenance care. Thanks Dr. H!
-Edward G.

Years ago I discovered chiropractic care for stress, pains in my neck and shoulders and headaches. When I moved to Atlanta, I was fortunate to find Dr. Gibbs and her caring staff. My adjustments relieved pain, reduced my headaches, helped with sleep, and to my surprise helped with my digestive issues. Dr. Gibbs has helped me beyond my expectations. I cannot say enough about the positive atmosphere in the office where I am always treated with kindness, warmth, and respect. I feel valued and walk out each time feeling like a new and refreshed person.
-Mary C.

After going to over 7 or 8 chiropractors over my lifetime, I have finally found one that has helped me with my back problems. Dr Harrison is not a "crack and go" type of doctor. He is very knowledgeable about back pain. My doctors recommended surgery for my chronic back pain, but with Dr. Harrison's treatments and exercise advice, I have improved so much that I can walk great distances again with minimal pain. Dr. Harrison is the first chiropractor I have ever had that has taken sincere and real interest in my back problems. Thank you again for all of your help.
-Joyce P.

I came to see a chiropractor reluctantly after having a car accident, after my dad persuaded me to. Progress was slow at first but as time went on I not only felt my back getting better but it was also getting stronger. The doctors took their time with me and fully explained to me my injuries and the treatments. I found everyone on the staff to be very friendly and helpful. I would recommend Dr. Harrison and Dr. Gibbs to anyone who was in a car accident.
-Larry S.

I had a pretty painful case of sciatica. My mother had it previously and suffered with it for several months, as I recalled. I went to my family doctor and was prescribed a few different medicines, which I took for a few weeks with minimal relief. I knew there must be more to my problem, and a friend of mine saw Dr. Gibbs in the past and had great results, so luckily she referred me to her. Dr. Gibbs was able to identify the problem and get me on an aggressive healing plan, by the end of the first week my pain was almost gone. I have recommend Dr. Gibbs to several people and will continue to do so.
-Sandra B.

I highly recommend Dr. Gibbs. I scheduled an appointment with her on an as needed basis and she helps every time. Not only did she tell me about my pelvis that rotates up and forward, she attributes some headaches and sinus issues to a disc in my neck that sometimes needs adjusting. I now like scheduling an appt with her and her massage therapist. Now that's relief and pleasure all in one!
-Shannon F.

Dr. Gibbs is amazing! No only is she very likeable and professional, she is an amazing chiropractor. I moved to Atlanta from Miami in 2007, and was recommended to her by friends. I was pleasantly surprised, as I had very limited experience with chiropractic. Now I go for maintenance every month, and I feel so much better after I leave the office. The staff is courteous and efficient. I have also seen her partner, Dr. Harrison, and was very impressed by him as well. They have massage therapists available, which is a plus. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to find a great chiropractor in the Decatur area.
-Carolina L.

Dr. Gibbs is amazing! She really cares about the whole person she treats, never acting superior or aloof like some docs I've been to. Her chiro skills have been so helpful to me and my family in treating our neck, back, and wrist pain. She and her friendly, helpful staff initiated persistent, caring treatment (and handling of billing issues) after an auto accident as well, which was very reassuring to us; we weren't left to simply deal with the ER bills and pain meds, but actual treatment. We highly recommend North Decatur Health Care!
-Chelle H.

Dr. Harrison has worked wonders on me. He was very professional, a great listener, and a compassionate doctor. I have had neck pains on and off for years, along with headaches. I have only seen Dr. Harrison a few times, but I already feel much better than I have in a long time. He is the best and I would recommend him to everyone.
-Regan W.

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