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Our professionally trained staff specializes in the following:

       • Accident and Work-Related Injuries
• Sport Related Injuries and Prevention
• Neck Pain
• Lower Back Pain
• Headaches
     • Shoulder & Hip Pain
• Arm and Hand Pain
• Leg and Foot Pain
• Sciatica
• Many More Ailments

Techniques Used:

Each Treatment is Specific to Each Patient

       • Diversified Full Spine
• Thompson Drop
• Activator
     • S.O.T.
• Extremity and Decompression Therapy
• Cox Flexion-distraction

Chiropractic is a form of treatment that seeks to eliminate pain and, in some cases, other problems - through manipulation of the spinal column. Chiropractors believe that if the spinal vertebrae are properly aligned, impulses from the brain are able to travel freely along the spinal cord to the various organs, maintaining healthy function throughout the body. If a misalignment of the spine occurs, however, the normal flow of impulses is disrupted, resulting in pain as well as other physical disorders. Chiropractors seek to return the spine's alignment to its normal, healthy state. This permits the nervous system to regain normal function, allowing the body to heal itself and eliminate pain.

After physicians and dentists, chiropractors are the third largest group of healthcare professionals in our nation. They are licensed in all fifty states and most health insurance plans cover the treatment we provide. Chiropractors are the most widely used practitioners in the alternative healthcare field. The US Department of Health and Human Services lists spinal manipulation as a "proven treatment" for low back pain. Chiropractic is also used to treat arthritis, bursitis, and a variety of other disorders.

Massage Therapy involves the manipulation of muscles and other soft tissues. It is beneficial in treating a wide range of conditions, including muscle spasms and pain, soreness from injury, and headaches. Massage works to relieve pain in a number of ways: by promoting muscle relaxation; by increasing lymphatic circulation and thereby reducing inflammation; by breaking up scar tissue and adhesions; by promoting blood through the muscles; and by promoting drainage of sinus fluids.

Physiotherapy is to provide rehabilitation for the patient that experiences muscle weakness, nerve loss, joint sprain/strain and many other ailments. Rehabiliation will consist of ice therapy, moist heat, muscle stimulation, ultrasound, intersegmental traction, exercise therapy, manual traction and neuro-muscular re-education. The benefits to the patient are to increase range of motion; retrain damaged muscle; strengthen spinal structures; help hold adjustments; improve muscle tone; avoid scar tissue formation and reduce muscle spasms.

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